1. What are my duties in the event of a claim?
    You must give immediate notice of the claim to our office either by telephone or by this link for mortality or medical or this link for liability or property. However, you MUST speak with an adjuster for any life threatening condition and prior authorization is required for humane destruction.

  2. If my policy does not include the Equine Major Medical and Surgical Endorsement do I need to report a non-life threatening incident?
    Yes, the Company has an insurable interest in your horse and many times an incident may seem routine but can quickly become a more serious condition.

  3. How do I submit a medical invoice for my claim?
    Your invoices may be submitted by fax, email or mail. Do not submit invoices to your broker, they must be sent directly to NEAI. Please see our Contact Page for more information.

  4. Is a necropsy required if my horse dies or if "authorized" humane destruction has been approved?
    Yes, it is required at your expense.

  5. Do I need to notify you in the event of property damage or bodily injury at my farm or event if I have a liability policy?
    Yes. Even if it appears that no claim will be pursued, you should still notify the Company of the occurrence.

  6. What should I do in the event of property damage if I have a Farm & Ranch Policy?
    1. Provide immediate notice to our office by telephone (800) 783-9418.
    2. Take steps to prevent further damage, i.e. tarp roof, turn off water, call authorities etc.
    3. Take pictures of the debris and damage.
    4. If the loss is due to theft, you must notify the police immediately and report the incident.

  7. What if my horse is not in my possession, would I still be responsible for notifying the Company of any accidents, illness and/or disease?
    Yes, the insurance contract is between you and the Company. You should provide the person or persons boarding, training or taking care of your horse with our contact information for reporting claims and advise them of the policy requirements of immediate notification, prior approval for humane destruction, etc.

  8. Once my claim has been reported, how can I find out my claim number and the adjuster assigned to my claim?
    Shortly after reporting your claim, your claim will be assigned a number and an adjuster. You can request the name of your adjuster and your claim number by calling (800) 783-9418 or emailing claims@nationalequine.net.

  9. What should I do in the event of an injury, property damage or incident if I have a liability or Care, Custody and Control policy?
    1. Contact and cooperate with local police & emergency personnel, as circumstances dictate.
    2. Gather and write down all incident details.
    3. Gather and write down the names and contact information of all witnesses.
    4. Secure the names and phone numbers of EMS, police, fire, medical and/or hospital personnel.
    5. Call NEAI and report the incident.
    6. DO NOT admit any responsibility for the incident.
    7. DO NOT discuss the incident with anyone but police, emergency personnel, NEAI or your insurance representative.
    8. DO NOT disclose any insurance information.